Mom Life. 😴

 Mom Life = never a dull moment. ESPECIALLY Mom Life in the Winter, I am ready for this  winter’s colds and viruses to go bye bye.  As soon as one kid gets better and the runny nose disappears, I look over at the other and it seems it went to him and back and forth.

 On top of all the sickness, I can also do without the lack of sleep associated with all that.. Mixing teething, a cold, coughing, congestion and trying to adjust to a new feeding pattern it has me feeling like this pup in the picture.  

I know it’s temporary and before I know it my little man will be running around and on a schedule (hopefully!) but it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s currently exhausting 😴. Here’s to hoping for some healthy kids soon in 2017! 

  Anyone else going through the cold season blues that never seems to end with little ones?