Zero Self Control Saturday.

So, I try my best to eat healthy & clean the majority of the time – but let’s be real, we all have our off days. I have some major weaknesses when it comes to food, such as; Breakfast Foods (especially ones involving syrup), Cookies & Brownies and lastly any Chocolate Covered Nut or Pretzel of any kind. Well, in one day all my weaknesses were presented to me & my self control was pretty much non-existent.

Friday evening, my mother in law made Homemade Turtles (you know, the chocolate covered pecans & caramel candies..), chocolate covered pretzels & pitzels. My Kryptonite! She always makes a ton & she sent us home with some which is always awesome but terrible at the same time because I then go nuts on all those delicious goodies. Well, Saturday rolls around and I have two homemade pepperoni rolls that my mother in law sent us home with as well, two pitzels & two chocolate covered pretzels. Terrible (and awesome at the time) start to the day.

My husband & I were invited to a wedding that night, so I of course knew I would be presented with a cookie table! (If you aren’t from Youngstown and do not know what a cookie table is.. Please do yourself a favor and google “Youngstown Cookie Table” – its a staple at Youngstown Weddings.. Really it’s more important than the cake.) ANYWAY, We go to the wedding and it was awesome and beautiful. The happy couple looked beyond happy & in love  & they did a great job making sure everyone had a good time and enjoyed themselves. They also didn’t have the typical wedding food that we were ready for, they had 3 food stations! 1. Chicken & Waffles Bar 2. Pizza & Sliders Bar 3. Taco Bar. Well, needless say I hit up all of the tables and got more than I should have at the Chicken & Waffles one (Like I said, Breakfast food is a weakness of mine). Dinner was then finished & that meant that it was time for the Cookie Table. All my favorites were on there; Buckeyes, Peanut Butter Blossoms, Brownies, Mini Cheesecakes… etc.  Yeah, I did some damage there too..

Oh, but that wasn’t the end of my night. We went to a friends house afterwards who had Elmton Pizza & salty and sweet snacks everywhere… I’m not proud but I ate a slice of pizza, went hard on some peanut M&M’s & Reese’s Cups & ate an oatmeal raisin cookie (an underrated cookie might I add.)

Needless to say, I was full – Very Full. I felt really not great about myself at that point in the evening!  The next morning, out of curiosity I weighed myself and I was 4 pounds, yes 4 pounds heavier than I was the morning before. I didn’t know it was possible to even gain that much in one day haha.

So moral of the story, it’s okay to not eat perfect all the time and splurge every so often; get some cookies on that yummy cookie table or eat a pepperoni roll once in a while but the key is moderation! Saying I over did it is an understatement & I wanted to let you all know of my pitfalls to keep myself honest and accountable.

There it is. I gained 4lbs in less than 24 hours.. Now, I have to work even harder to get back to where I was just the day before. So stay on track because at the end of the day, it really stinks to see 4lbs come back that you worked so hard to lose.